Laura Beier Jul 12, 2021 2:01:17 PM 6 min read

What’s New at TCSW 2021

This is the year of reconnection for the startup community, and Twin Cities Startup Week is going to embody that at this year’s festival. With an emphasis on bringing back in-person events alongside virtual offerings, here’s what we’ve got in store for TCSW 2021.

Hybrid structure 

We can’t wait to see you and are looking forward to in-person events this year! We’re going to have the majority of sessions, signature events, and community hubs in person at various locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul — including Osborne370, the Amazon building downtown, our headquarters at Twin Ignition, and more!

With this will come precautions and many sessions broadcast on Hopin as well, for those who wish to stay home or tune in from wherever they are! We will also be recording virtual sessions to live on our TCSW Resource Library.


Arts & culture focus

In partnership with Aeterna Media, we’re so excited to bring an arts & culture focus to TCSW! On the weekend of September 17-19, as well as throughout the week at community hubs, we’ll have a variety of music, arts, and culinary events highlighting the diverse culture in the Twin Cities and showcasing our creativity.

A sneak peek at what we’ve got in store: 

  • Minnesota music showcase at historic venue First Avenue
  • Media & technology event with a virtual reality gallery and local artists
  • “Chopped” concept culinary competition with local chefs, entrepreneurs, and sports players 
  • Fashion show highlighting BIPOC designers and entrepreneurs 
  • St. Paul food tour highlighting cultural corridors of the city


DEI focus 

We want to make sure everyone feels included and celebrated this year at TCSW. In partnership with SPS Commerce and our DEI lead Eri O’Diah, we’ve planned tons of events focused on lifting up underrepresented communities and highlighting all kinds of people that make the Twin Cities incredible.

Just some of these collaborations include: 

  • Panel, Backers event, and networking focused on Blacks in venture capital 
  • Black Tech Talent community tech festival 
  • Partnerships with the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Blacks in Tech, and the HBCU Venture Collective
  • Diverse Speaker Directory where session leaders can find speakers for their event
  • Pop-up shops at community hubs with BIPOC and female-owned businesses 


In-person Fly-In Program:

We’re thrilled to be bringing back the Fly-in Program in person! For those interested in finding a job in the Twin Cities, exploring the startup community, or just meeting new people, this program is for you.

Participants get vouchers for travel expenses, FREE VIP access to all TCSW events, exclusive networking events with thought leaders in the area, and more.

Learn about the program and apply here!


The MN Startup Job Fair:

During the week, The MN Startup Job Fair will be having an event to support more people getting into the startup ecosystem and highlight diversity and inclusion. No speakers, no itinerary, just getting people to connect with the startup ecosystem and find a job they love to grow the strength of the Twin Cities. Learn more here!



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