Laura Beier Aug 19, 2021 11:37:36 AM 4 min read

The Volunteer Experience at TCSW

Whether you’re a founder, someone who’s startup curious, or a student that’s looking to explore the Twin Cities job market, volunteering at Twin Cities Startup Week is a great place to start. 

There’s tons of different opportunities, from managing community hubs to registration, helping run VIP happy hours to showing Fly-In participants around the cities. Read more about what past TCSW volunteers enjoyed and how to get involved!

The Experience:

For Sarah Hallen, current supply chain planner at Medtronic, volunteering at TCSW 2019 was a “wonderful time.” 

“Everyone you meet is so kind and open and collaborative,” she said of her time volunteering at multiple TCSW events. “You have nothing to lose when it comes to volunteering.”

Hallen was an operations intern for BETA in 2019 and wanted to come back to the organization in some form. “All of the events I went to for BETA were a blast,” she said of wanting to come back and help out.

Now that she’s got a full-time gig with Medtronic, volunteering at events like TCSW is her only outlet to the startup community these days. “If you’re looking for an intro to the startup community, this is a fantastic way,” she said. 

Beatrice Adenoni, business and marketing consultant, agreed that it’s a great way to see what’s going on in the startup community.

“I don’t work as much with startups, so it’s interesting to see what’s out there and what’s going on,” she said. Adenoni first volunteered for TCSW 2020 via a partnership with Impact Hub as a work trader. She helped out with registration both in person and online, and mentioned that the virtual community lounge on Hopin was her favorite part. 

“Getting to know different people from different walks of life… that was really fun,” she said, mentioning that sometimes conversations flowed into debates. “That was really cool because you’re just getting to have conversations with random people.”

Adenoni described volunteering for TCSW as a great way to meet cool people who have innovative ideas, whether they’re potential friends, collaborators, or just someone working in the space.

Hallen pointed out that no matter what you’re looking for in the experience — even if it’s just a fun evening and a drink — that you’ll find that at TCSW. 

“I’ve never walked away from a TCSW event and thought, ‘I wish I hadn’t volunteered,’” she said.

This year, we've got both virtual and in-person options to participate! Explore all of the awesome TCSW opportunities below.


  • Opening Party
  • Closing Party 
  • Community Hubs
    • Minneapolis
    • St. Paul 
  • TCSW Tracks (5)
  • BETA Showcase

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