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Twin Cities Startup Week 2019 Recap

If you’d like to see our detailed recap, TCSW photos, and more check out the Twin Cities Startup Week 2019 Recap.

Experience is the word to describe Twin Cities Startup Week 2019. Applying feedback from previous years, we introduced a number of enhancements to the week, including partnering with local corporate leadership to provide high-quality content in unique venues and premiere tracks on single days in one location to reduce travel between events. The festival also offered community hubs, accessible via public transit, in Minneapolis and Saint Paul to provide guests places to meet between sessions.

Continuing its inclusive, un-conference format the week furthered collaborations with four co-conference events, while welcoming new content and voices like BA Women, the Constellation Fund, and the MEDA Million Dollar Awards. As a result, we’re excited to share the following data which tells a story of an elevated experience and continued growth, made possible with the help of our sponsors, event-hosts, content-partners, volunteers, core team, and more. To everyone involved, thank you for making this the best TCSW yet!

Improving the attendee experience

Twin Cities Startup Week 2019 was a year of experimentation and improvements. With the help of key strategic partners, we introduced single-day tracks, geographic focuses, and city hubs in Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

These improvements made the week more accessible, which led to an increase in the total number of registered attendees and the number of events people were able to attend.

1_42n8qMHjMTN0EpydHYLx0QTotal registered attendees increased by 13% compared to 2018



The average number of events attended increased by 21% compared to 2018


Overwhelmingly we heard from attendees that they loved these changes and want us to bring them back next year.


If you’d like to see our detailed recap, TCSW photos, and more check out the Twin Cities Startup Week 2019 Recap.


Looking forward to 2020

The BETA team is busy taking all the feedback from 2019 and starting to plan TCSW 2020. We’re planning to bring back the geographic focus days, community hubs, and single-day tracks.

Is there anything you’d like to see change for 2020? Let us know at

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