Laura Beier Oct 10, 2019 12:30:00 PM 7 min read

Spread the Word: Stories of Innovation from TCSW

Twin Cities Startup Week is the time and place where we gather to see the incredible innovations being built right now in our own backyard. Through our featured tracks, community events and partner conferences, this week is a time to learn from the people who are taking risks and doing the work, and to celebrate their efforts. Ultimately, TCSW is an opportunity to inspire others to take risks as well, risks that could further a long lineage of global shapers in Minnesota.

TCSW is a call to action. For anyone admiring the work being done here from a distance, please join us. Move here, join us for the week, or visit, even if just for one day. If you can’t make it, then follow along and/or send your friends. We want your best and brightest. We want those who recognize that genius comes in all forms, and that the time for solving big problems is now.

If you’re already engaged in the festival, go one step further — share what you’re seeing or learning with your network, invite a friend, encourage your employees to participate in the programming, and make time to be inspired.

Use #TCSW19 to participate and help us inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

“It’s about surrounding those individuals taking risks with a community that can lift them up,” says Reed Robinson, Executive Director of BETA (the operators of TCSW). “Part of that is sharing stories with your network.”

Sharing the same ambition are local creative agency KNOCK inc.; the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED); and Greater MSP, who are all dedicated to this storytelling initiative.

“Part of Greater MSP’s mission is to tell Minnesota’s story to the world, and there’s no better way to do that then to just simply show people the incredible things happening here,” says Matt Lewis, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Greater MSP.

TCSW does this really well, says Lewis, describing it as a window into the innovation that happens here the 51 other weeks of the year. By compiling assets such as photos and videos from this year’s event, this media can be shared in presentations, recap videos, and more when Greater MSP and other organizations travel the country telling Minnesota’s stories.

“This is one of the largest innovation festivals in the country, and what makes our community special is that we solve real problems,” says Lewis. “This is a space that innovates on some of the biggest global issues. Telling that story effectively is something I’m all on board for.”

DEED is also greatly engaged in the startup community, supporting innovation through grants, tax credits and other resources. “At DEED, we’re working to get more people talking about Minnesota’s creative ideas, talented workforce and vibrant startup community — because we’re a state where good ideas are born, can scale and grow,” says Steve Grove, Commissioner of DEED.

Wanting to create excitement and opportunity for entrepreneurs and communities, DEED also offers startups technical assistance and opportunities to learn more about understanding equity capital, building toward scalability and more, says Grove. “We need to grow our reputation as the startup capital of the north, and to show that our people, businesses, infrastructure make Minnesota a great place for anyone starting or growing a business.”

As a woman-and minority-owned creative agency, KNOCK inc. embodies a rich passion for diversity through the lens of entrepreneurship. “We fully embrace dreamers and risk-takers who dig deep into their hearts and minds to make their visions a reality,” says Lili Hall from KNOCK.

“We believe that Minneapolis-St. Paul provides a thriving environment for entrepreneurs, and we’re proud to welcome budding innovations from all corners of the country to Twin Cities Startup Week,” says Hall.

Just as the community supported KNOCK as they began their journey, they’re now taking this opportunity to participate in the many activations and experiences that attract inventive businesses to the beloved Twin Cities, says Hall.

So this week, take part in the campaign and use #TCSW19 to share and inspire people to take that entrepreneurial risk.