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Sales & Marketing Track Schedule

We’re excited to announce the full TCSW Sales & Marketing Track line up!  

Taking place September 8th from 9am to 5pm on Hopin, you won’t want to miss main stage events and signature events happening throughout the day.

For ease of access and experience, we’ve created an Attendee Guide for TCSW 2020 — Check it out!

Here’s a rundown of some community sessions you won’t want to miss —  learn more about each session by clicking the Emamo link in the title, and if you haven’t yet…


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Sales & Marketing Track — Community Sessions:

9:15am-9:45am “Prep the Brand, Prep the Person: the 1-2 Punch of Successful Marketing” 
presented by Maria Hileman and Giselle Ugarte, Media Bridge Advertising & Nancy Korsah, Black Business Enterprises

Whether you’re starting up or scaling up, a strong personal and professional brand is critical for success. This seminar is aimed at providing business owners with insights to help define, develop, market and manage both themselves and their brand.


10:15-10:45am — “Design Your Network. Build Your Scrum”
presented by Cathy Pape, RockPaperStar, Lori Spiess, OffiCenters & Ben Theis, Skol Marketing

Your network makes you and your business successful. Networking is a skill and finding the best people to grow your business requires a strategy and tactics to make the most of your time and the people you want to network with. Build your Top25 and your Impact100 relationships.


10:15am-11:00am  “How As a Founder to Get Your First Customers” 
presented by Walter Pape, Go to Market Podcast 

Join us as we walk through a start to finish revenue model on how Founders can find, land, and expand on their first customers.


10:00-11:00am  “Minnestar Presents: Lightning Talks”
with Brandon Johnson, Left Blank Co. and Daniel Feldman, HPE

Since the beginning, Minnebar has included a rapid-fire Lightning Talks session where local technologists can take the mic for just a few minutes to hype their projects or share quick stories. This year, it will be an online event as part of Twin Cities Startup Week!

Hosted by Brandon Johnson and Daniel Feldman, we'll feature 8-12 short, spontaneous, unscripted presentations. Previous topics have included zany Twitter bots, a machine learning model that makes your voice sound like a celebrity's, and vegan cooking!


11:15am-12:00pm — “Launch Marketing for Purpose-Driven Founders: How to Build the MVP of your Marketing Plan” presented by Lindsay LaShell, Diamond + Branch

The long term success of purpose-driven organizations hinges on their ability to efficiently grow their audience, but they are also the least likely to have access to the expert marketing support that can make that happen.

This workshop teaches a new approach to marketing that will leave you feeling confident in your strategy and ready to dive in and execute!


12:30pm-1:00pm — “Ready, Set, Go-to-market: Launch strategies for startup founders”
presented by George Hadjiyanis, Launch Avenue 

In this session, you will learn proven ways that you can go-to-market as a founder with limited time and budget. Learn the power of your network, marketing tools, social networks, A/B testing and your own selling abilities.


12:30pm-1:30pm — ”Harness the Power of AI: Improving Business Outcomes” 
presented by Michael Weber, Gary Stockert, Brian Bradley, Ambient Intelligence; YiDing Yu, Verata Health & Mike Lewis, Click360

Artificial intelligence has become a buzz term shrouded in mystery and mystique behind what it's actually being used for. From how it can be helpful to where it can not only improve business outcomes but work alongside job functions and departments. We're taking a peek behind the curtain on where AI is already being implemented and how it can create value within your business.


12:30pm-1:00pm — "12 Crucial Do's and Don'ts for B2B Influencer Marketing"
presented by Tom Pick, Webbiquity 

Influencer marketing can be a powerful and cost-effective strategy for startups to get the word out. However, it's often misunderstood. And done wrong, it can produce disappointing results or even damage the brand. This session will explain six ways to succeed with influencer marketing, as well as six pitfalls to avoid.


1:15pm-2:00pm — "Intro to Growth Hacking: The Idea Pipeline & ICE Metrics" 
presented by Brian Krohn, Entrepreneur in Residence, Modern Logic

In this fast-paced participatory session, we will cover two critical tools to increase the growth of your business, the Idea Pipeline and ICE metrics. Originally developed by Sean Elis to bring explosive growth to Dropbox, LogMeIn, and many others, the Idea Pipeline and ICE metrics are simple but powerful tools to get your business focused and growing fast. Brian Krohn has implemented these methods for startups, corporations, non-profits, as well as his own businesses and personal projects. 


1:00-2:00pm — "Social Enterprise Showcase: Panel + Marketplace" 
presented by Michelle Maryns, WeSparkle; Grant Henry,  Brio Marketing; Connie Rutledge,  FINNOVATION Lab; Jaime Chismar, All Are Welcome Here; Ashleyn Przedwiecki, Social Enterprise - MSP; Stephanie Malon-Rufi, Genuine Impact; Katie Kalkman, Impact Hub MSP; Elaine Rasmussen, Junita Flowers, Junita’s Jars; Tim Roman; and Hayley Matthews-Jones of Minneapolis Craft Market

Social Enterprise Showcase features 2 panel discussions on how to START (1-1:30 pm) + GROW (1:30-2 pm) a social enterprise. Our Hopin panel discussion is also the "front lobby" to our virtual popup marketplace where we invite you to "roam" from "table" to "table" and speak with each vendor about their art, crafts, or products/services!


2:15-2:45pm — "The Power of Storytelling through Video"  
presented Eric Jenson, Jenson Studios

We'll demystify the overarching video strategy for your startup and then give key insights into effective video storytelling for sales and marketing.


2:30-3:00pm — “You Will Probably Survive This” 
presented by Patrick Swinnea of PuzzleFox Interactive and Dev Jana

Join us for a humor-filled chat about hopes, dreams and sunk costs in an age of crushing dystopia — and learn how our VR dev shop shifted focus to stay focused. After we've bashed on 2020 for a bit, we'll wax poetic on the wonderful future that awaits — and share a few strategies for getting there.


3:15-4:00pm — "SEO For Startups: Get in the Game" 
presented by Alison Cromie, Cromie Creative Consultants 

Getting found in search is something every business should be thinking about from day one. SEO is a long game and the sooner you can implement good strategies, the sooner you will start seeing results. Come learn about the simple tactics you can implement now to make sure your business is getting found as quickly as possible. 

4:00-5:00pm — "B2B Sales Workshop/Happy Hour"

presented by Jeff Rosset, Matt Green, Christina Brady and Todd Caponi, Sales Assembly/VentureSCALE, and Jonathan Ellis and Julia Ruge, Sandalphon Capital/

Come wrap up the TCSW sales track and Day 1 of with Sales Assembly, VentureSCALE, Sandalphon Capital and! Whether you're a founder learning sales for the first time or an experienced sales leader in B2B tech, join us for an hour and a half of a workshop-based happy hour where you can connect with fellow sales-focused professionals and participate in any of the following discussions:

  • When and Who to Hire - The Sales Organization Structure
  • Outbound Sales Strategies
  • Modern Sales Leadership & Building a Culture
  • General Networking

And now, announcing…. COCKTAILS & CLOSERS!

Photo of Cocktail Closer Team

We’re so excited to announce Cocktails&Closers, brought to you by the same awesome team behind the podcast Coffee&Closers!

Tomorrow, September 8th marks the three year anniversary of the show where sales guru Mickeli Bedore helps startups improve their sales and increase revenue — now a go-to resource for anyone responsible for revenue to learn from leaders who deliver revenue.

To celebrate, the team (last year’s TCSW Impact Award winner) has taken this concept of connecting top sales performers (prospecting + closing) with founders, those new to sales, and those wanting to get better, via their brand new platform — Closers Media.

This on-demand Closers platform will allow companies/founders/teams to work side by side with sales experts on a half to full hour basis to fill the sales pipeline and working live sales cycles. 

To kick off the debut of this new product, Closers Media will headline the TCSW 2020 Sales & Marketing Track with this brand new series —Cocktails&Closers, debuting at 4:00pm CST tomorrow on Hopin!

Cocktails&Closers will be a libations-fueled, honest happy hour conversation pairing the two groups responsible for revenue together: Sales and Marketing. The debut guests will be Garrio Harrison, Jennifer Zick of Authentic Brand, and of course, Mickeli Bedore!

Jennifer Zick also has a session tomorrow at 10:00am — “Trust Equity: Harnessing the Power of Trust to Fuel Early-Stage Growth” where she’ll share a formulaic approach to trust-building based on her own entrepreneurial experience.

Join us for the debut show featuring sales and marketing experts sharing a drink, some laughs, and ideas on how the two can come together to fuel revenue. 


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