Alex Skjong Aug 3, 2022 11:26:58 AM 7 min read

Announcing the TCSW 2022 Design Contest Winner

Twin Cities Startup Week has always featured a bold new design for each of its iterations, and 2022 is no different. This year, however, we put the call out to the immensely talented Minnesota design community as part of the TCSW 2022 Design Contest. We were blown away by all of the entries and, with your input on Instagram, one rose to the top.

Cathylynne_Ahlgren_HeadshotTCSW is thrilled to announce the winner of the TCSW 2022 Design Contest — Cathylynne Ahlgren!

For Cathylynne's winning design, she created a powerful symbol of the great north themed around the constant upward movement the Minnesota startup ecosystem is known for.

You might have already seen glimpses of the design on social media, and you're going to see a lot more! Cathylynne's design will be featured on TCSW promotional material, digital signage during TCSW 2022, and TCSW 2022 swag.

But enough from us! Let's hear from the artist herself. Read about the inspiration behind Cathylynne's design, her specialties in the design field, and if she's open for freelance work (spoiler — she is!).

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TCSW: Hi Cathylynne! Give us a little background on your journey as a graphic designer.

Finding my lane as a designer and businesswoman has been a journey. I take my role as a professional seriously because the work I do helps businesses succeed. That said, I believe having fun nurtures creativity, innovation, and imagination, so I strive to reflect that mix of play + strategy in all I do.

TCSW: We couldn't be happier with your design. Thank you! What was your inspiration?

The inspiration for this logo is the TCSW tagline, "Startup Capital of the North." The icon created nods to the north pointing portion of a compass and represents forward-thinking and upward momentum.

TCSW: Love it. Do you have specialty within the graphic design field? What made you focus in on that?

Brand design is my specialty. I love how the branding process translates a big picture view into many different areas of a business. The coolest perk of branding gigs has got to be the opportunity to collaborate and communicate with many wonderful business owners. Those relationships are by far the most satisfying part of the job.

TCSW: Collaboration and communication makes the world go 'round. How about your interests outside of design? What are your favorite things to do in Minnesota?

The trails are unbeatable! I love a long run around the lakes or a bike to grab dinner and a cocktail. Escaping the city for a cabin weekend also tops the list.

TCSW: Tough to beat Minnesotan nature. If people are interested in working with you, are you open to freelance work?

Absolutely. Please contact me at